What Do I Wear?

Solids as a Rock - Avoid patterns and graphic prints as they distract form your face. It's better to go with solid colors that contrast your skin tone but also compliment your eye color. Not only will this appear more professional but you won't have to hide your pictures out of fear that someone will know you actually paid for that ensemble.  

Dress Like An Onion - Say what? Onions wear layers. You can too. Consider things like leather or denim jackets, suit jackets, cardigan sweaters and button down shirts. This not only looks great but gives you options during your shoot to remove items and get some variety out of that look. 

Get Comfy - If you feel uncomfortable you will look uncomfortable. Now, I think it goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) comfy doesn't mean that favorite t-shirt you now call vintage just because the color is washed and the print is chipping away.

You're a Stud - Your earrings that is. Keep the jewelry to a minimum. Big earrings, necklaces, and piercings are a distraction. They look great in everyday life but not so much in photos. Not to mention it can be very difficult to get those reflective surface to show up without being blown out when changing poses.  

Failed to Prep? Prepped to Fail! - Take the time to give your clothing some love. Get that dusty appliance out of the closet, put some water in it and get to ironing. Wearing wrinkled clothing says, "I'm lazy and I don't care." Do you think a potential client or casting director is going to put their faith in someone that can't even muster up enough energy to iron out a few wrinkles? 

Get the Matte Out - We're not talking yoga here. We're talking about the trend with lipstick. Those matte lipsticks tend to make your lips look dry. As they should. Liven those soup coolers up with a little shine and stick to a color that is close to your natural lip color but gives some pop. In fact do this with all of your makeup. Less is more and more natural is less distracting. Say that 5 times fast. Last but not least, use a liquid base rather than a powder. Those powders get a bit flaky and will be very noticeable.