Top Headshot Photographers Los Angeles

Hello and welcome!

My name is Justin Berrington and I'm a headshot photographer in Santa Clarita, CA. I love gadgets, conversations about future tech (any Ray Kurzweil fans out there?), and most of all photography. 

So yes, I am a bit of a geek. I think most of us are these days and being geeky, nerdy and techie are the new cool. I love it and I'm embracing it. 

From the young and wise age of nine I knew I wanted to live in L.A. I grew up in "The Biggest Little City in The World", Reno, NV. My first experience in Los Angeles was on a life changing trip to Disneyland with my twin sister and our parents. Driving through L.A. felt like I was in this larger than life, futuristic city and that memory has stuck with me to this day.  

After high school I spent seven incredible years in the Air Force that I am truly grateful for. During that time I found my love for computer graphics. I made a tough decision to abandon almost a decade of military service that was surely going to lead to an easy retirement. I decided to go back to school for computer animation. Thank you G.I. Bill! I think subliminally I knew this would put me in Los Angeles since it was known as the hub for VFX and animation studios. Except, I ended up working for a software development company as what I call, a CG Generalist. Basically, that means that I was and still am currently doing everything from 3D modeling to compositing to photography and much more. 

Turns out the thing I love most is photography. It's this never-ending pursuit to create the best image I can. As your headshot photographer my aim is build your confidence with a quality professional headshot that will position you for success. That's my goal and my promise to you.