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I am Los Angeles based headshot photographer, Justin Berrington. Originally from Reno, NV, my parents took my twin sister and I to Disneyland for our ninth birthday. It was on that trip that I fell in love with this beautiful city full of people chasing their dreams. From that point on I knew that one day I would live in Los Angeles, California and pursue my passions. Now, years later, here I am living my own dream and helping people like you achieve yours.

As one of many Los Angeles headshot photographers I believe there are two things that separate me from the rest - outstanding customer service and the ability to capture images that represent who you are and who you could be. Through proper lighting techniques and posing that highlights your features, I aim to work with you to capture images you can be proud of. It’s my belief that providing a great customer experience puts you in the best possible mindset to produce amazing results that will get you more casting calls, more sales and position you at the top of your profession. 

My services include actor headshots, real estate agent headshots, corporate headshots and online dating profile images in the Los Angeles area. Plain and simple, I work hard for my clients. It’s through my passion that I am able to provide you with images that help you achieve your goals and improve other’s perception of you. I can’t wait to work with you and see what we can create together.