The Creative Process


Shoot ⇨

We'll get started with making winning wardrobe selections based on the goals you've set for your headshots. Once we have you prepped for success we'll get you started with some easy posing techniques that will enhance your best features and have you looking confident and approachable.

Select ⇨

Throughout your session we'll look through your images. You'll get a better idea on how to create the expressions we're working on and we'll be able to select images that are already working for you. After your session I'll upload all of your images to a gallery where you'll have access to make additional image selections.


Retouch ⇨

Once we've made your selections I'll begin retouching your images. I don't believe in retouching that makes you look plastic. We're aiming for a natural you on your best day. Retouching includes color correction, blemish removal, stray hair removal, teeth whitening as needed and wrinkle reduction (upon request). 

Deliver ⇨

We've made winning wardrobe selections, shot your best angles, and enhanced your images so you look your best. Now it's time to put your images to work. I'll upload your retouched images to your gallery where you'll be able to download to a desktop or mobile device.