Professional Headshots Are a Necessity

Here’s Why

You’re the face of the company and people want to know who they’re dealing with. We live in unique times where our image is the first impression we make (no pun intended). This showcases your professionalism and tells your clients that you care about how your business is represented.

 Example of a professional corporate headshot

Example of a professional corporate headshot

You’re a Professional, Use a professional

Why, if you believe that potential clients should be using your professional services, would you turn to a friend with an iPhone to shoot your portrait? Here’s what you may not know. Those lenses are designed for general use. That means, selfies, wide shots of landscapes, pictures of your kids smearing cake on their face and that artsy looking plate of sushi at the hottest new lunch spot. You notice how I mentioned “wide shots of landscapes”? That’s really what these cameras are best suited for. Notice the word “wide”? That’s how it makes your face look when your friend gets close to achieve that shoulders up shot.

Image is Everything

As much as we don’t like to admit it, we judge and are judged on our appearance. It’s important that your appearance as a professional be presented as such whether it be in- person, on your website, your Facebook business page or your personal page. It’s all going to be looked at by a potential client and even more so by a potential employer, but that’s a whole other article in and of itself.

One thing most professionals don’t consider is that their business may be momentarily cast into the spotlight. You should be prepared for this. Most media outlets will request an average of 3-4 images to use in their publication.

 Example of an online dating profile pic

Example of an online dating profile pic

Tips for Successful Headshots and Portraits

·        Wear solid colors. Prints and patterns will date a photo faster than anything.

·        Professional makeup and hair will improve your results dramatically.

·        Get some rest. The last thing you want is to look like you are that low energy personality.  

·        Hydrate well a few days’ prior. This will help your skin look it’s healthiest.

·        Skip the salt. You’d be surprised at how much thinner you’ll look.

·        You get what you pay for. $50 for a headshot on Craigslist is a great price but that is where the service ends.